Quality Products

The Hearn Paper Company is committed to providing quality products to keep your facility clean and healthy. We have strong partnerships with key vendors that have been selected based on their commitment to providing products that offer industry leading cost effective solutions.

Our facility maintenance and sanitation programs will help reduce the cost of maintaining a healthy workplace.

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Janitorial Chemicals

Finding a supply partner that understands the value of clean is important for your business. The Hearn Paper Company represents Spartan Chemical, a leading national manufacture of quality janitorial chemicals. Our team of professionals can assist you in making the right choices to help keep your facility clean, safe and healthy. Allow us to guide you in selecting the proper chemicals for all purpose cleaners, disinfectants, industrial cleaners, restroom cleaners, odor control, and many other products to choose from. Our experts are knowledgeable about Green and Bio Renewable products to make environmentally sound cleaning choices.

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Janitorial Supplies

Using the right tools for the job saves time and money. We provide the highest quality janitorial cleaning tools from industry leading manufacturers. Contact us to discuss your facility maintenance needs for floor pads, microfiber, mops, waste receptacles, and window cleaning.


Paper Products

Choosing the right paper effects your facility maintenance budget. Finding the right solution, means choosing the right supply partner. The Hearn Paper Company will help you make the right decision. We offer towel and toilet dispensing solutions to eliminate waste and reduce over usage. We understand your needs and are here to help lower your facility supply costs. When it is time to update your facility with modern cost saving dispensers, ask us about our free dispenser programs.

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Skin Care

Hand hygiene is the best solution for infection control. The Hearn Paper Company offers skin care solutions from Kutol. Allow one of your experts to guide you in the proper selection of products to reduce the cost per hand wash. Choosing the proper skin care program will lead to a healthier environment in your facility.

Can Liners

When you choose The Hearn Paper as your supplier for can liners you can expect quality. We have chosen Fortune Plastics as our partner. Made in the USA, true gauge can liners is what we supply. Allowing us to ensure you are using the proper size can liner in your receptacles will ensure that your money is not going out with the trash.

Sustainability Features

  • Contains a minimum of 20% post- industrial recycled content
  • Manufactured with reduced non-renewable resources resulting in all-around source reduction

Liner Attributes

  • Made from the strongest reprocessed resin available
  • An affordable alternative to newly fabricated liners

Laundry Care 

On Premise Laundry requires the expertise that the Hearn Paper Company can provide. Our expert technician will ensure that your chemical dispensing equipment is dialed in to ensure optimal results. Our partnership with Spartan Chemical, and the Clothesline Fresh program that will help you control costs and improve sustainability, all while reducing fabric loss and improving customer satisfaction. The Clothesline Fresh system incorporates the latest technology in linen care combined with high accuracy dispensing solutions. 

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  • Quality Dispensing Equipment
  • Monthly Service Calls
  • Premier and Novation GPO Contracts with Spartan 
  • 3 Sink Systems
  • High Temp Warewash
  • Low Temp Warewash

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