Facility Solutions

Solutions for your facility needs is our main priority. We can help you determine the areas for operational improvement in your facility and drives costs out of your supply chain.

These solutions are the building blocks to affordable, healthy solutions to keep your facility looking sharp.

Carpet Care

A Complete System for Maintaining Carpeted Flooring

Spartan’s carpet care products provide the highest quality solutions with easy-to-follow procedures, ensuring optimum carpet appearance and rejuvenation at minimal cost. From traditional carpet cleaning to green cleaning methods, give your carpet a high quality touch with Spartan’s carpet care maintenance program – guaranteed to deep clean and beautify.

Dilution Control

Chemical Management Solutions

Using a dilution control system will help insure that products are being used at the specified dilutions and will help to eliminate waste and over use.

We have a wide variety of systems available to meet the demands of your facility.

Floor Care

A Complete System for Maintaining your Hard Floors is available from Spartan Chemical.

We have the product you need to protect your floors and enhance your facilities image. We offer products with the latest polymer technology to reduce the labor required to maintain beautiful floors.


We understand Green and Sustainability 

Moving forward with green products can improve the health of your building. We have solutions that can assist with earning LEED points from paper, liners, skin care and cleaning chemicals. We will work with you to provide a solution tailored to your green initiatives.

Infection Control

A healthy work environment will improved productivity and absenteeism.

Infection control starts with Hand Hygiene. We offer a complete line of skin care products designed to lower cost per hand wash. Ask us today about our full line of disinfectants and sanitizers.


Spartan’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry Line contains the latest in laundry technology, which allows for superior cleaning performance at a lower cost. This technology is also more environmentally preferable than most traditional products. Available in a variety of formulas to meet your water hardness and soil type needs.

We offer expert level service, with monthly maintenance calls to ensure your laundry needs are being met. Our goal is to help your laundry run efficiently and cost effectively. We strive to ensure the best results for your linens. 

Air Care / Odor Control

Air Care is a key component to the perceived cleanliness of your facility. We offer a wide array of products to eliminate odors and freshen the air in your workplace. 

Restroom Care

Your facility is often measured and judged on the cleanliness of your restroom. We can help you put together a restroom maintenance program. We offer a broad range of restroom care items including cleaners, disinfectants, deodorizers, drain maintenance, air care, and touch-free equipment.

Skin Care

Infection control begins with hand washing. We have partnered with Kutol Products to provide a complete line of skin care products including hand soap, hand sanitizer, hair and body shampoos, heavy duty industrial hand cleaners, moisturizing lotions and soap dispensing solutions.

Warewash / Kitchen Care

We offer a complete line of Kitchen Care products to ensure that the food preparation area in your facility is properly sanitized.

This includes kitchen floorcare, hand hygiene, 3 sink system, high and low temperature automatic dish machines, and drain maintenance products.

The SparClean Warewash line of products gives you the options you need to keep all of your glasses, dishes, pots, pans and utensils. These products were formulated with the latest technology, removing some of the less sustainable raw materials and choosing instead options that achieve performance without the traditional negative impact.

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